Industry Best Practices to the Core

  1. Man Power Sourcing / Head Hunting for Industries, Retailers, Call Centers, Hotels, Education Institutions, Hospitals, Oil & Gas, Construction,
  2. Business Operations Sourcing e.g. HR, Accounts, Marketing, Sales, Security, Time Office, Waste Water Treatment Plants, Boilers, Power Houses etc.
  1. Assistance in handling outside matters i.e. dealing with Govt. Departments, NGO’s e.g. FBR, Custom, Ports, Banks, Banking Courts, TMA, SECP, NADRA, PTCL, LESCO, Chambers of Commerce, Trade Authorities, All lower and upper courts, Environment Department, Industries Department, Labor Department, NGO’s, Trade Unions, Media, Mobs are being handled with courage thru a team of brave and upright people.