1. Financial Management System
  2. Financial Audits
  3. Financial Trainings
  4. Financial Solutions Support
  5. Financial Reviews
  6. Financial Surveys
  7. Financial Projects
  8. Financial Reporting
  1. Finance Planning
  2. Finance Allocation
  3. Financial Policy
  4. Integrity Policy Management
  5. Transparency of information
  6. Access & Restriction
  7. Well Being Audits & Planning
  1. Stability Check Reporting on Buildings Construction (Industrial, Commercial, Malls, Residential, Roads, Dams, Refineries, Power Houses, Boilers, Hotels, Airports, Hospitals).
  2. Project Erection Reporting or Machinery Installation Check in Textiles, Garments,
  3. Project Reporting in Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Utilities, Power Houses, Treatment Plants, Gas Stations and many other industrial erections are reviewed in accordance with its Technical & Legal Requirements.