1. Food Safety Management System, Lab Accreditation, ISMS, HACCP
  2. LEED Implementation, Lean Manufacturing, SPC’s etc.
  3. Consulting services for Sedex, Higg, SLCP, Better Work, Green Signal, Step, Oeko Tex, Net Zero, GOTS, GRS, OCS, RCS, C2C, EU Label, Blue Sign, ZDHC, Reach, Green Energy, GHG, Carbon Foot Print, Carbon Neutral, Fair Wear, FLA, Accord, Better Work, Alliance, NFPA, FSC, Soil Association, Marine Life Safety, Recycling, Water Sense and many other standards required for trade to EU/UK/USA.
  4. Sustainability, Climate Change, OD, Corporate Administration, Marketing, Sales, IT, Accounts, Finance, Operations, Supply Chain, OB, Industrial Relations, R&D, Code of Conducts about business from international markets such as Buyer’s CoC’s, Technical Manuals, Environment, Product Standards.
  5. Content Writing, Content Review, Content Management, Confidentiality, Sensitivity issues to the business, people and planet.
  6. Risk Analysis
  7. Contamination, Quality, Safety, Innovation, Research, Registrations, Expansions, Product Insurance Issus, Product Registration Issues,
  8. Quality Management System
  9. Environmental Management System
  1. Energy Management System
  2. Factory / Mill Improvement System
  3. Social Compliance System
  4. Human Resource Management System
  5. Security Management System
  6. Legal Advisory Services for Business Registration, Court Appearances.
  7. Financial Management System
  8. Women’s Rights
  9. Ethical Standards Writing
  10. CSR Report Writing
  11. Sustainability Report Writing
  12. Review on Logo’s, Care Labels, Promo’s, Feedbacks
  13. Media Policy, Trade Union Matters, Worker Rights, Strikes Handling and reporting in such situations to business partners.